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Use Keywords and A Special Trick to Find Jobs Online

It's easy to search for jobs, especially online.

But, searching for the job you want? That's more difficult and requires some sleuthing. Fortunately, there are keyword tricks you can use to help you locate the job you're seeking.

Person searching for jobs

How to Use Keywords and a Special Trick to Find Jobs

This is the search phrase you'll want to use: " job title"

You'll want to use this in a Google search:

Google search page

What you're doing is called a "site" search, something commonly used with SEO. Basically, you're searching an entire site for the keywords that best fit the job title, job type, or opening you're looking for. Here's an example of a search for a copywriting position:

" copywriter" | The results are what you see below:

Search results using keyword and ATS trick

You'll see the relevant jobs associated with copywriter and their respective hiring company.

Applicant Tracking Software Systems to Use in Your Job Search

Now, the trick to this is to know the related Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems that companies use to handle applications, resumes, etc. You've seen some of these when you apply for a job online. But, it would take a ton of time to find just a handful.

Instead, below is a list of the top ATS systems you can use to search for open positions in your industry or current job title:

  8. Breezy.HR

The largest one to check frequently is, as many companies use Taleo for their ATS system.

Keep Checking Company Job Boards in Your Job Search

Now, this doesn't mean to ignore the job boards. While this method does give you an edge to look for jobs not usually posted online, you'll still want to check out the regular job boards.

Ideally, look at the job boards associated with the company for which you're applying. For instance, if you're looking for a job at Meta or Apple, then visit those sites for their job boards.

Apple career page

I strongly suggest not checking out sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter. While they can have some great finds now and again, they're more prone to listing scam jobs. Those are the worst to fall prey to! So, it's best to play it safe and stick to the company job boards or use the abovementioned ATS system list.